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Bring your Essence into Presence

Sound record of your Soul tones – Your Soul CD

The sounds are channeled by: Tjasa Cepus

Recorded: Tjasa Cepus 

Sound record that you receive is an energy record of the frequencies by which you can find and hear the power of your soul, your soul purpose and mission. The CD allows you to accept all you’ve come to live on Earth, and to remember who you really are. You, as a being, you, as a light body.With every sound that is played on a CD, the part of your consciousness in the body can open up. This could have been slightly closed due to the way of life and other reasons. By listening, your awareness begins to spread, the memory of all that you once knew is spreading. This can give you a new quality of living. Everyday life is no longer a routine, it is no longer everyday, but the magic of your soul inspiration and leadership is blended into it, which you recognize with this music.

The soul CD is created with the help of your permission and your order, so I can look into your energy and transmit (with the help of sound) all the information that you can accept at a given moment and are of the highest good for you. Your music, which I perform with crystal bowls, crystal lyra, flute, drums, rattles, tibetan bowls, gongs and other instruments, is recorded on CD and you can listen to it at any time you feel it, however it is recommended to listen it several times.

When you choose to listen to these sounds, be in peace and by yourself, arrange the space in such a way that you will be most comfortable, give the intention to receive all the vital information that you are ready to hear and implement at the moment, light a candle and receive all the sounds. After some time of listening, your life will begin to change as you will hear more about your inner guidance.

I need some of your information to perform:

– Name and last name
– Date of birth

– Email

You will receive a CD online within 1 or 2 weeks of order.

What do you get?

 - 60 minutes CD

– Instructions and a channeled message for you

Price CD that is not recorded in the recording studio (but the sounds are still good), you receive for 250USD.

I wish you happiness and love.

With love.



Sound surrounds your whole being, it brings you through time and space and connects to the core of universe.

Let the sound take you back to your pure divine consciousness.


Leaf Pattern Design

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