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What is Spinal Flow?

Body has a power to heal itself

Spinal Flow® Technique is a fast, effective way to heal from pain, dis-ease and illness. Founded by Dr Carli Axford, the healing modality is simple to learn and has its roots in the science and anatomy of the spine and nervous system. We are using hands, heart and head to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Spinal wave goes through 7 gateways of the spine and releases pain, blockages. There are 33 access points on the spine, where the dura mater attaches to our sacrum, coccyx and cranium, which enable the nervous system to connect to the spinal blockage and release it. It’s transformative to experience. Every body has an inteligence to heal itself. Spinal wave enables that intelligence to flow. 



  • Calms the nervous system, relieving anxiety and promoting relaxation

  • Improves immune function and your resilience towards illness and stress

  • Improves focus and mental clarity

  • Relieves daily stress from work, school, family, etc.

  • Reduces stiffness, aches and pain

  • Regulates breathing and improve oxygenation to the brain and body

  • Reduces muscle spasm

  • Increases nutrient flow and improves digestive function

  • Encourages tissue regeneration in our brain and body


Spinal flow technique helps restore our nervous system, where we can relax, recover and heal. With touching access points in sacrum and cranial, we help our brain to connect to our body again, acknowledge and release physical, emotional, chemical stress. Body intelligence  is amazing. It's ability to heal is beyond limits.


First visit is combined with seeing your body as it is in this moment - we check your posture and do assessments,  so we can see how aligned your body is. Before coming to your first visit, I will ask you to answer few questions, so I know, what experiences your body had and causes of your need for alignment. On a second part of your first visit we are doing healing session and we set schedule for your next visits.

You are the one you are looking for.

Your body knows the way - help him/her.


I am so excited to give you this opportunity to experience your amazing body!
Let's work together.

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