Welcome to Joy, Love, Harmony, Peace of Lemuria

ONLINE Sound Weekend

December ... Solstice time, renovation time, transition time ... A time when nothing will ever be the same again. Because you are growing ... you are growing and you have moved on ... You are becoming more and more transparent and your gift are visible and transparent ... YOU are the gift of December, YOU are the gift of this year's holidays. Remember again ... throw away those fears that you have been dropping for years ... come to the new, come ...

Welcome to the SOUND WEEKEND, where we will create just that ... the transition to a new ...

You will participate and listen to sound baths, twice a day for 2 hours, and in between we will share experiences  on a regular basis these days ...

Questions will be open for another week after the event.

What can you receive?

* find and maintain inner peace and high vibration

* focus on your current situation and resolve it internally with the support of sound and personal consultation while sharing feelings

* Heal your physical body with sound

* open up to your intuition

* you can remember your inner power, love
* release fears (fear of death, failure, pain, punishment, to express oneself from the heart, fear of life, of loss ...)


For some time now, I have been taking a path through different places of the healing energies of nature and different civilizations (Lemuria), from which I received the sounds that  I transmit to the world. Swimming with dolphins and whales in Hawaii and learning about the nature there brought many insights into my being… Communicating with plants, forests and the fairy world in Slovenia supported me even more… The energy of ancestral estates and Anastasia reappeared…

Fact: Sound was one of the tools which they used to create matter.

Online Sound Weekend:

When I am connecting with the energies for this ONLINE retreat, I am connecting with your transition to a new state of consciousness. With that part of you that was not yet known to you. With those soul dreams, what is and will be your vision for the next period. We will seek JOY, not just December, but the joy and beauty of life as we have always sought, at least some. We will visit the golden places where a new world is already taking place, we will visit higher vibrations coming from the heart, from love. We will only have time for these visions. And a time when we will be free from fears, even those that are, as now, external barriers in society.
Thus ‘undressed’ we will more easily pass into higher vibrations. Each in his own, all together.

What can I do and do for you?

During this time, you can create a world that will be to your liking… It is good to focus on our origins at all times and be aware that WE are the creators of our lives… We are still in this system, but we can still live the BEAUTY OF LIFE . If we turn to YOURSELF for every ‘failure’, ‘inaction’, ‘doubt’ or any ‘challenge’, accept and resolve our impulses for such a manifestation, we can find a SOLUTION. Only then does the external situation come together as needed. Regardless of the system…

At the retreat with sound, we will therefore delve into ourselves, into your specific ‘challenge’, which you can think about before coming to the retreat. We will encourage any thoughts you have hidden somewhere or emotions to come to the surface, to embrace them and release their energy from the body. We will ask light beings to show us further what is within us so that we can relax and heal. By talking and sharing all the messages, I will guide you through your process so you can drop by and receive a new one…. You will be spinning on all possible sides and receiving the insights needed for your development. Our focus will be on the BEAUTY OF LIVING.

Why retreat?

- because you can really rest and heal… Every process takes some time to overcome… and support with sound, my presence with conversation and higher energies can contribute to this… Regardless of your online participation, you will be able to listen to the sounds just as if you were present live. All you need is a comfortable space and peace (let no one disturb you during sound baths).



9 - 10 presentation of participants and sharing intentions for this weekend
10.00 - 11.30 sound bath for clearing unnecessary thoughts / emotions / physical body
BREAK (it is recommended to be in nature)
18.30 - 20.00 sound bath for JOY
20.00 - 21.00 sharing feelings / perceptions from today

10.30-11.30 possible personal consultations

BREAK (it is recommended to be in nature)

18.30 - 20.00 sound bath 'Golden City' 20.00 - 21.00 sharing feelings / perceptions from today and closing

For all of you who will want to continue the sound baths after this retreat as an addition and support, the evening dates will be open for another 4 days, between 7pm and 9pm for this group.


Saturday-Sunday, 19.- 20.12.2020

- 4 sound baths
- 2 sharings
- possibility of personal consultation
ONLY 99Eur

Additional 4 baths after retreat: price 44Eur for all 4 (for retreat participants)


- a place where you can be in peace and quietness and where you can lie down

- Zoom / Teams application (we decide when we all get together)
- good internet / data connection (you can also listen by phone)

- If you have speakers that connect to your phone / computer, you can use them for better sound

- water

Write to, where you can get all the information about the payment.
For any additional information you can call me on 031 568 711.
Registration closes on 15.12.2020.

I look forward to our ONLINE SOUND WEEKEND!

About Tjaša Cepuš:

Tjaša Cepuš, univ.dipl.ekon., Sound alchemist, I have been contributing to the world with sound and music for 14 years, the name of this contribution is Sound SPA, so that we can open the hearts of Love and experience life situations, arising from its foundations. I studied with renowned sound masters, Don Conreaux, Jonathan Goldman, Nestor Kornblum, Lysa Farmer, Andrea Centazzo, collaborated with world-renowned musicians, released 2 CDs (CD Inntoning is my debut) and conducted many sound workshops and seminars and 2 retreat. More about me, services, CDs, projects on the youtube channel, website, fb Tjaša Cepuš - Sound SPA.


+386 31 568 711

Celje, Slovenia

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