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Mp3 Inntoning

Mp3 Inntoning

About my mp3 / CD
The soundtrack that is in front of you is an energetic recording of the frequencies which can help you become more present within your body. By listening to the soundtrack you can hear and recognize the Source codes of your body and soul on the conscious and subconscious levels. The more you listen to the CD, the greater are the chances that the frequencies will move into your body. In this way the Source codes of your body will start to empower. This means you are becoming more alive and present, while at the same time you start accepting and enjoying life, living it, indeed, every single moment, wherever you are and whomever you are with. In peace, love, joy and other emotions that carry liveliness and strength within, such as vulnerability, creativity, courage and freedom.

SONG 1: Introduction and refreshenning
Refresh your thoughts whenever needed. Allow yourself to be overflown with different kinds of thoughts and at the same time let go of all the control over them ... Allow yourself to enter into your body.
Instruments: Tibetan bell

SONG 2: Presence
Allow yourself to feel, to immerse into your body, to perceive the way it works, to perceive your emotions, to perceive your thoughts, to dive into the neutral state of consciousness and feel your being here and now. Be present.
Instruments: sounds of a plant (flower), tingshas, shells, crystal forks, ocean drum, rattle, shamanic drum, Tibetan singing bowls and vocal

SONG 3: Connecting with the Source
May your consciousness lead you to the pure Source, where you live in the unconscious or conscious levels. Connect with the state of your being and All That Is. Connect with the Akashic Records.
Instruments: gongs, crystal singing bowls, crystal lyra, bells, vocal

SONG 4: Information transfer
Let your soul transfer information that it receives from the Source into all your bodies, especially into your physical body. As a human being you currently need the information. Feel their flow.
Instruments: crystal lyra

SONG 5: Embodiment
Embody all the information you receive from the higher levels of consciousness. Then ground them in every cell of your physical body.
Instruments: crystal singing bowls, chimes, wah-wah tube, water rattles, Tibetan singing bowls

SONG 6: Activating potentials
Activate the information you have embodied now or in the past, so they can live within you and enable you the quality life.
Instruments: rattles, drum, gong, crystal lyra, wah-wah tube

SONG 7: Soul purpose and its function
Feel your holistic nature and how you function as a soul in your body in this lifetime here and now.
Instruments: rain pipe, sound of the sea, Indian flute

SONG 8: Love and peace
Open yourself to the infinite love and inner peace. Now you just BE. Express gratitude towards everything you are and everything you have done for yourself.
Instruments: kalimba, ocean drum, crystal lyra

Conclusion and intonning
Feel your intonning with the Source codes and everything you have grounded. Relax and let go of everything so it can become alive in your life.

You get an mp3, when you order it, online, on your email.

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