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 It is the touch that heals. Pleasure that you feel after a massage can raise self-confidence. The effect is relaxation – both physical and mental, thereby renewing the will and pleasure of working and living.

"It is anti-stress, it stimulates the cardiovascular system, increases blood circulation and lymph circulation, it has beneficial effect on the well-being – for example, already by rubbing or massaging the feet we can change our mood.

  • If we are constipated, we can stimulate digestion by massaging the abdomen, while by massaging the genital area women can reduce menstrual cramps.

  • Massage washes away lactic acid from the muscles of athletes and helps to increase joint mobility.

  • Massage also affects the vegetative nervous system.

We often feel sleepy afterwards, but the next morning we wake up rejuvenated, full of power," explained Živkova. Western massage achieves all these effects by rubbing, kneading, pressing, shaking, tapping, and certain Eastern massages also include stretching.

Leaf Pattern Design

MASSAGE by Tjasa

As a massage therapist since 2009, I have mastered the art of deep tissue massage, using my healing hands to help my clients reach their fullest potential. Combining modalities that efficiently release body discomforts, I ensure that my clients experience the best possible results, whether it's a relaxing Swedish massage or a deep tissue massage to release pain and discomfort.

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