Be in high vibration in these times

Group sessions on a distance can work like a group cleanses each individual’s and the collective consciousness at the same time, because a group of people with the right attitude can multiply the effects of the sound session. 

Group services are:

1. Sound bath 60min

Each time, as a participant, you can prepare with your intended purpose, revealing why you came in the first place.

After a short introductory part of the breathing and physical exercises you can surrender to the sounds for an hour, followed by a brief conversation online. We have two ways of group sound baths: only with crystal instruments or with gongs.

All you need is to get comfortable, set your purpose and surrender to the pleasures of sound ...

Dates : 12.3., 19.3., 26.3. , 2.4., 9.4. , 16.4., 23.4., 30.4. etc
Registration is monthly, counted from the date you apply, so for one month… (4x you are present), then you renew your subscription…

Price is 32 Eur (4x 45min + talk).

Attribution: Monthly sound meditation
/ or via Paypal -
Price: 32 Eur

2. Workshops for companies/schools on a distance

This is a comprehensive approach to the implementation of sound bath, along with a special intended purpose for the participants. First, the purpose of the whole group is determined and in the introductory part the connection with individuals is established, opening up the space for new insights. Participants indulge in sounds that bring them to a state of deep relaxation and inner peace. 1 hour of listening to the sounds of instruments can be equated with 8 hours of sleep. Lying down, they indulge in the pleasures of top-quality instruments – gongs, Sound Galaxies crystalware, crystal lyre, Indian flute, vocals and other instruments. At the end of the Sound SPA comes the time for ‘business cycle’ where the participants, in pairs or in a circle, express their experience to others thus opening themselves to a deeper understanding of others.

The workshop can also be a part of the program implemented in companies, entitled ‘Health promotion in the workplace’.
We do it online ...

Price for 1,5-2 hours on a distance:
250 Eur

3. Education Find Your Sound

It is intended for all those who want to incarnate themselves and to understand and experience that life on Earth, together with your mission, can have a higher quality and be more interesting, that you are here because of the depth of enjoyment, which this planet can bring you.

For all those who want to enrich their daily lives with joy. You do not need to leave work, change your life partner, but it is important to live yourself in all of this.

In order for you to deeply embody every bit of yourself in such a short time, I offer you a series of exercises that have accompanied me on my way and enabled me to embody Myself. Exercises that you can do every day will prepare you for a new Life.


Training consists of 4 modules, each lasting 16 hours or two days, because it takes several hours to grasp the meaning of it all.

During training, practical exercises in groups, in pairs or individually are carried out.

Price: for 1 modul is 290 Eur /now on a distance only 190 Eur

5. CD Inntoning / mp3

The soundtrack Inntoning is an energetic recording of the frequencies which can help you become more present within your body. By listening to the soundtrack you can hear and recognize the Source codes of your body and soul on the conscious and subconscious levels. The more you listen to the CD, the greater are the chances that the frequencies will move into your body. In this way the Source codes of your body will start to empower. This means you are becoming more alive and present, while at the same time you start accepting and enjoying life, living it, indeed, every single moment, wherever you are and whomever you are with. In peace, love, joy and other emotions that carry liveliness and strength within, such as vulnerability, creativity, courage and freedom.

Price: 9.90 Eur for mp3

All other soundtracks for different purpose you need to pre-order for your company/business partners... (min 100 com). 


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