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Did you always want to go to beautiful places all over the world?

Are whales, dolphins and other ocean beings on your 'must see' list?

Do you want to meet beautiful conscious people, receive great inspiring and healing energies from nature and light beings, codes? 

Do you like to feel supported in communities?

Is scalar energy healing on your list?

Here are some retreats just for you!
Scroll this site and choose yours.

Maui Scalar Retreat

On the beautiful island of Maui close to New Year 2024, we will have a retreat with scalar energy, supported by the EEsystem, to bring our energy to a higher level, evolving our bodies and creating special healing.

27-29. December 2023

maui hw.jpeg

O'ahu sacred Hawaiian retreat

O'ahu is an island of 'gathering place'.. Here we will gather with ancient hawaiian energies, kupuna people of Hawaii, be in touch with hula dance and other sacred knowledge of Hawaiian islands. 

With whale energies.

8-10. March 2024


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