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Sound Recording 'Love'

Sound Recording 'Love'



Listen to the music of Divine Love and completely surrender to it, use all the ways to hear it, see it, feel it, all the tools to enjoy it, and even if you cry, laugh, are passionate, you suddenly get angry… anyway… Enjoy yourself, use all means to surrender to the energy of LOVE.

This song was recorded on 22nd January 2021, with use of energetic instruments - crytsal bows, crystal lyra, monochord, indian flute, bells, rattless, vocal...

The meaning of a song is to come to a place inside yourself where life has a different meaning - it is just you, loving you, all the way.


Listen it many times you need a support for yourself.


Song was created by Tjasa Cepus, Sound SPA.


When ordering, you get .wav or .mp3 file online (without usb key).
You also get a poem about Love.

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