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When you reach your Center

Individual services  on a distance are:

1. individual sound session 90min/45min

It is treatment with all sensations, that can release your thoughts, emotions, brings the highest awareness of your soul and embody it into your physical body and reality.

It can support you in your life creation, so you can create from fields of love, joy, compassion, inner power, gratitude, health, happiness.

Price: 85 Eur / 65 Eur

2. Your personal Soul CD
The soul CD is created with the help of your permission and your order, so I can look into your energy  and  transmit (with the help of sound)  all the information that you can accept at a given moment and are of the highest good for you. Your music, which I perform with crystal bowls, crystal lyra, flute, drums, rattles, tibetan bowls, gongs and other instruments, is recorded on CD and you can listen to it at any time you feel it, however it is recommended to listen it several times.

Price: 250 Eur

3. Individual seminar for sound practitioners and for musicians

It is intended for all those who want to use the instruments for their own needs and the needs of their families, while for those who want something more this is a good starting option and for musicians, who want to play diffirently their own instruments, with intuition and intention.

Training lasts 4 x 4 hours.

On a distance we do life stream...

You gain knowledge on:
– Instruments (gongs, Tibetan vessels and crystalware)
– Playing instruments
– Implementation of sound bath
– Yourself
– Working with people
– Your mission

Price: 995 Eur (it is possible to have it on 2 payments)


1. individual sound spa

2. soul CD

3. chanelled message

Duration: 90min+ CD
Price: 295 Eur (instead of 355)

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