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Maui Scalar Retreat
1, 2, 3 MARCH 2024


About the retreat


3 day retreat includes:

-22hours in EESystem  Scalar room in Haiku (two 10hour overnights and one 2hour session),

-crystal sound baths

-whale watch boat trip from Māalaea harbour

-seeing beautiful nature of Maui

- enjoying Haiku Wellness

-muscle test workshop for re-aligning yourself

PRICE for all gifts - 1.375 USD


Tjasa Cepus

Your host

My journey in Hawaii started 4 years ago, when my heart called me to Hawaii island (Big island) to swim with dolphins. Since then I am thrilled with Hawaiian culture, I dance hula, learn oli, perform, go to whale watching tours, enjoy being in ocean with all magical high vibrational beings and embrace all beauty in these islands.

My love for ocean beings is big, it took me to different countries, including Mo'orea, where I was swimming with humpbacks and Mexico, where I was swimming with whale shark, closely watching blue whale, grey whales and orcas. 

As I am always surrounding myself with supportive, loving and aloha energies, I found Hawaii islands nurturing for me. Islands showed me their culture and healing remedies.  I was introduced to some special kahuna people, which brought my remembrance of this land back. In addition, for me most efficient energies are in Maui scalar room, where I stayed overnight and experienced my life changing.   

With my special world - travelling crystal singing bowls and voice I bless these islands and bring to them my warm aloha.

Working with sound for 17years, I created many retreats, workshops, seminars and sound baths  in Slovenia, recorded 2 CD's, were part of many performances, conferences, events.

All this brought to me a lovely conclusion: I want to bring beautiful experiences to YOU, that is reading this. 



About retreat


Our days will include the sharing of intentions, bathing in sound and scalar room energy, muscle testing workshop, whalewatching, healthy food, swimming and snorkelling, enjoying humpback whales and nature’s gardens. Bringing our soul voices together.

Our intention for these three special days is to uplift and transform you. All of the events you will experience will be heartening and clarifying.


This is a wonderful opportunity to be uplifted onto another beautiful level of your life.

Bring your life to your next level.

The energy enhancement system (Scalar room) combines body, mind, spirit and science to help you achieve peak performance and reach higher states of health, consciousness and self-actualization.

More about EESystem you can watch on:

Being 22hours in special Maui scalar room EESystem is just AMAZING OPPORTUNITY for HEALING, bringing you to your higher self, higher visions, and it is beautiful transformational path.

In December WHALES are breaching out in Maui, whale watching is just breath-taking. We are adding them to our special inner journey. With WHALE WATCHING tour in a special boat we will be very close to them, breathing in their energies and embrace them in beautiful Maui ocean waters.

SOUND is another CREATIVE TOOL that can embody our soul even more, it nurtures us and holds us in a space of love. With CRYSTAL BOWLS and VOICE we will create nurturing space of healing, we can release impurities and enjoy how our 'caterpillar' is evolving into beautiful butterfly.


Registrations are open until 15th February 2024. 
We can only accept 6-8people, first come.

Please register in form below, after I will send you an email with all payment details , necessary before retreat.

Looking forward to see you in beautiful MAUI island. :)

Warm aloha.





Zvocni Sound SPA, Tjasa Cepus sp

Tel: +18087435227, +38631568711

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