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Group Sound Session

sound spa

  • 25 ameriških dolarjev
  • online

Service Description

dear people, for all of us I will be doing sound baths at a distance. Support is needed during this time. You will be able to work on yourself, focus on your PEACE and LOVE and you can take the time to plan new things for later… For YOUR NEW LIFE… If you did not have time before, you have enough now… So take the external situation as 'a meditation prison' so you can make your life better. Above all, it is important to keep a high vibration even for those who cannot currently do so. Of course, we are all careful, but this does not mean we need to live in fear, just we need a calm response to the situation. That is why I will create with you GROUP SOUND BATHS at a distance For those who would like to join and you may not be able to be with me online in the evening, of course, I will send you a meditation via email… As you know, since I have done these long distance baths, it feels exactly the same as being present live… I will record live video so you can see… All you need is to get comfortable, set your purpose and surrender to the pleasures of sound ... Check the dates and join. Register fee is 25Eur per one sound bath. Thank you for taking part in these important relaxation techniques to increase your vibration as a balance to the rest of the world and to develop a new world.

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Svetina, Štore, Slovenia

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